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Family Law

The Z Firm understands that disputes among or regarding family matters can be emotionally and financially exhausting. It is for that reason that you should hire an attorney who is both able and willing to walk with you during the process of resolving your family and domestic matters. Attorney Zandra Johnson is caring, compassionate and patient. Zandra will not only work for you, she will work with you to achieve the best results possible in your situation, whether that situation requires mediation or litigation. Attorney Zandra Johnson is capable of assisting you with any of your family law matters, including:

• Child Custody
• Child Support
• Name Changes
• Alimony
• Orders of Protection
• Child Visitation
• Divorces and Legal Separations
• Division of Marital Assets and Debt
• Adoption
• Prenuptial Agreements
• Postnuptial Agreements
• Paternity
• Contempt Matters