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Landlord-Tenant Disputes and Litigation

The Z Firm provides legal services to landlords at all stages of the landlord-tenant relationship. Attorney Zandra L. Johnson will consult with you prior to your entering into a commercial or residential lease agreement to make sure that you understand what your rights and obligations are under the agreement. Sometimes standard lease agreements found on the internet do not address your situation or fully meet the needs of your rental arrangement. In those cases, the Z Firm can draft a lease agreement specifically tailored to fit your needs. When a dispute arises between landlord and tenant about the lease agreement or rental of property, the Z Firm can provide an evaluation to you of your rights and obligations. The Z Firm will advise you of options available to you to end or continue the relationship under different terms. Should you desire to end the relationship, the Z Firm will advise and guide you through the process of doing so properly as well as complying with state law. Please contact Zandra at the Z Firm for a consultation and representation at a reasonable price.